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The online distribution channel is a significant growth channel for restaurants.

The recently released Livebookings Dining Index reveals that there was a 43% increase in online bookings in the UK in the first half of 2011 compared to the second half of 2010. This surge is echoed across Europe with online reservations increasing by 41%. It's therefore more important than ever to make sure customers can find you on the Internet, like what they see and ultimately make a booking.

Livebookings also highlights the rise in mobile bookings, which accounted for a third (33%) of online reservations by the end of 2012, up from 13% a year previously. Bookings via smartphones and tablets are increasing much faster than those from PCs.

Learn how to attract more potential customers to your restaurant website using best practice online marketing techniques, then convert more of them to actual bookings through a website built with the needs of restaurant customers in mind.

With over 50 years collective experience in the hospitality industry and Internet Marketing, Ignite Hospitality provide a range of restaurant internet marketing services and have developed a course of FREE introductory guides on how best to market your restaurant online.

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In 2011 Ignite Hospitality received an International Standard of Excellence Award at the Interactive Media Awards for our work on BR Guest Hospitality.

Not only is Ignite super creative & on the cutting edge of website development, social media and technology, but they are also extremely organized... making a large project seem easy.

Online Marketing Manager, BR Guest Hospitality, New York City.

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