3 tips for restaurant social media marketing from stand up comedy

3 tips for restaurant social media marketing from stand up comedy

Stand up comedy is a really challenging profession. How do they go about improving their jokes and routines, was a question that popped up in my mind last night. So I looked up a couple of stand up comedy websites aimed at beginners (are you a crawl along comedian before you learn how to stand up? and yes, that makes it abundantly clear why I shouldn’t be on a stage and the only attempt at a joke I’ll do in this post). As I expected there is a world of stand up comedy blogs available from where advice and insights can be gleaned.

As I browsed through the tips and advice I found more than a few that also can be applied to social media marketing. For example:

Enough about you

Nobody likes an always-on sales spiel spewing online equivalent of a specials board. It has been said before, but there are so many restaurant Twitter accounts out there that need to hear it: don’t do the hard sell all the time! 

When you do need to push a sales message, make it about what your customers will get out of it, not just yet another line straight off your specials menu. Know who you are talking to and shape your message accordingly. By making it fun, showing that you care enough to take some time to liven things up a bit, you might get some attention.  

Also, do make the most of the fact that you can thank your customers for recommending you, but if your Twitter feed is an endless stream of re-tweets of how great you are and who checked into your restaurant, you will come across as a bit full of yourself.

Head on over to the Ignite Hospitality blog for all the 3 tips on how to improve your restaurant's social media marketing by taking a few cues from stand up comedy.


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