Use your restaurant bills as a content marketing tactic

Use your restaurant bills as a content marketing tactic

There’s a tremendous amount of talk about “content marketing”, and the reason for that is simple. In this digitally rocket fuelled world creating attention catching content (be it a video that goes viral, an infographic that explains something complicated, or a controversial blog post) is a great way to get noticed and get your brand in front of heaps of people.

However, quite often we find that people overlook important aspects of content marketing.

  1. The purpose of content marketing is not really to create content, it’s to get noticed and through that increase awareness of your brand and ultimately sales.
  2. The “content” in content marketing may need to be digital in order to get shared far and wide, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a photo, blog post, infographic or video to begin with.

What does that mean? Successful content marketing ideas doesn’t necessarily mean that you sit down with your web agency and discuss edgy blog topics, quirky photos to post to your Facebook Page, or the expensive making of a video in the hope that by putting it on YouTube it will “go viral”.

Content marketing starts in your restaurant. In fact, restaurants have a great advantage due to the visual nature of the business and the willingness of customers to share their dining experiences with their friends.

Here is a great example from Ridley Road Market Bar of a no effort idea that is bound to trigger sharing of photos and comments in social media. We sure did!

Use restaurant receipts for content marketing


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