Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Restaurant Internet Marketing Strategy, Planning & Reporting to maximise budget ROI and campaign success!

Strategy and Planning are the first steps with any restaurant internet marketing campaign and are essential to ensure all your channels are coordinated and complimentary. As with any marketing, internet channels need to support corporate objectives and deliver measurable results and return on investment. Campaigns need to have a purpose and must be supported across the business.

One of the key attributes of the various internet marketing techniques such as Google Adwords and Email Marketing is measurability. Tracking software like Google Analytics produces precise data on your results and enables significant analysis to determine effectiveness, ROI, and identification of areas to improve.

Considered study of the results and statistics generated by the various internet marketing tools and channels allow a business to adjust and fine-tune techniques to generate the best return. The more knowledge you build about effectiveness the better placed you are to allocate marketing budget to specific channels or campaigns.

Marketing Strategy & Planning Checklist:

Have you written a plan outlining your online marketing and your overall strategy?

Do you have clear, measurable objectives for your internet marketing activity including your social media?

Are your staff members fully informed about ongoing marketing campaigns?

Do all your online and offline marketing channels coordinate?

Do you use Google Analytics to analyse your website statistics and track marketing success?

If so, do you utilise the Goals aspect of Google Analytics to assess ROI?

Does your email software produce reports on open rates, click to open ratio, links clicked and unsubscribes?

Do you study your Google Adwords statistics to ensure high Quality Scores and Click Through Rates?

If you answer "No" to any of these questions call or email us to see how we can help. If this all this sounds a bit confusing don't worry, simply complete the form below and we'll run your current website through our checklist process and send you the results:

Yes, please send me an Audit of my current restaurant website!

For this audit we will charge a one time fee of £250, payable in full prior to receiving the audit documentation.

We help restaurateurs succeed online. To improve your online marketing and boost your reservations, get in touch. Call +44 (0)20 7275 8682 or email us.

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