Make Your Own Website Updates

A web based Content Management System puts you in control of your website, removing bottlenecks and saving you money!

Restaurateurs often like to change specific pages on their websites without using a website designer each time. Menus, Special Offers and Events pages sometimes require frequent updates.

Being able to do these changes without the need of a web developer not only saves a lot of money, but also reduces the time it takes from realising a change is needed to it actually being done.

Today people's expectations on correct and up to date website information is very high. A properly implemented, easy to use Content Management System helps you make sure your serve up the latest information to your potential and returning customers!

Our Content Management System, accessed through a simple and web based administration area, makes updating text and images in your website a breeze.

Our Content Management System helps you:

  • Change text & images in website pages at your leisure
  • Format text with headings to enhance your Search Engine Optimisation
  • Add links to your own or other web pages
  • Easily update menus and special offers yourself as required
  • Integrate feeds from social media¬†and newsletter sign up forms to build your customer database
  • Track website usage and online marketing success using Google Analytics

We help restaurateurs succeed online. To improve your online marketing and boost your reservations, get in touch. Call +44 (0)20 7275 8682 or email us.

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Not only is Ignite super creative & on the cutting edge of website development, social media and technology, but they are also extremely organized... making a large project seem easy.

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